Our entire English learning program is designed to meet all our students’ English learning needs.

  • We offer General English for all levels of students
  • Intensive English for students who have the time and focus to learn English in a shorter time period
  • Business English for professionals, business owners, college students who are ready to conquer the Global business world
  • International English Exam preparations for those who want to excel in their IELTS and TOEIC exams.

Basically anyone who has the desire to study, improve and excel in their English language skills. All age groups, from 2 to 92 years old are welcome to enroll in our classes.

Our typical English class/lesson includes 1 student and 1 highly qualified English instructor. This set-up allows us to focus on the needs of the student at all times. We offer 25 minutes, 40 minutes and 55 minutes classes. When you enroll with us, you get to choose how many minutes you want to study per class. You will be assigned a teacher based on the English skills that you need to improve.

Once you are enrolled with us and you’re ready to take your classes, you will be given all the details of your schedule, teachers, and books.

As an online English school, it is a big advantage for us to be able to conduct lessons with students from virtually anywhere as long as you have internet connection and your personal communications gadget (phone, tablet, and laptop).

We will initially use SKYPE as our platform but we are already in the process of creating our own platform for our “Virtual Classroom.”

Before you enroll? Let us offer you a free sample class first. Try us out first and then you may enroll if you want to learn more with us.

The steps are very simple, just click on the “START TODAY” button on this website or hit the “Contact Us” tab and just provide the information asked in the boxes. We will then respond to you at the soonest possible time and offer you our free sample class; once that’s done and you’re happy with us, we then provide you with our terms for enrollment including the schedule, enrollment fee, course outline, etc.

Everybody has to take the entrance/level test. This is very important for us because this is how we will provide you the best learning opportunity by identifying your weaknesses and strength in using the English language.

Our highly qualified English instructors will provide you an “English level Test” to gauge if you have beginner, intermediate or advanced English proficiency level. We will then assign you the appropriate classes and books based on the result of your level test and interview.

You will be provided the details about enrollment and miscellaneous fees as soon as you decide to enroll with us. For now, let us give you a FREE sample class first.

We promise to make you happy so you will not need to refund, but in case you really want to, you may be able to refund your money within your FIRST THREE CLASSES with us. That means you have three opportunities to review us and decide if you really want to continue learning with us or not.

All our highly qualified English instructors are required to submit a daily progress report about their students. These reports are then compiled, organized and reported back to our Academic Management team and the students. All students are welcome to inquire about any detail in their progress report and will be addressed specifically by our Academic Management team.

It really depends on the student’s starting point and his/her aspired level of proficiency. Within 2-3 months, though you will be happily seeing all the good results from your study with us. Our pledge is to always TEACH FROM THE HEART and give you the best results that you deserve.

You will definitely be informed of any progress in the student’s level or activity within the agreed program. This will be on a regularly scheduled basis such as end of the week. You will be receiving an email from us detailing the student’s progress within the week.

The NARRATIVE LANGUAGE CENTER is not just a school. It is a platform for your future success whether in school, business or career. It is our promise to all our students that we will provide them THE BEST learning environment and the most qualified English instructors. We want you to be successful, but we will need and require your help. We need you to be the best student for us. Learning English is not easy but if we help each other, you will surely reach your goals and you will be able to TELL THE WORLD YOUR GREAT SUCCESS STORY. This is the NARRATIVE Experience.