If you want to build a career in an international company or start a business catering to international clients, then this is the course for you. Our Business English program provides our students the very best training and development to be able to start a great career in a global workplace.

What can you expect from this course?

English for the business world

  • The words that we use in the business world is different in a lot of ways to the English we use in our daily normal life. In this course, you will learn to handle conversations in the international business and workplace setting. You will learn to use the correct English words when you’re talking to English speaking businessmen and co-workers.

Develop important skills in business

  • You will learn to interact with our online English teachers, providing and making reports about the current news in world economy, politics, and entertainment. You will learn how to make an effective CV (resume), you will learn “telephone English”, preparing for an interview, and even making business presentations. You will learn to develop marketing skills using the English language. You will also develop your own way of giving opinions and making recommendations and business letters.

Teachers with Business and International backgrounds.

  • The teachers in our English business course are not just ordinary English teachers. These teachers have lots of experience in international companies; they are very informed with the current trends in world politics, economy and business. They will teach you how to start making a very successful career in the international stage or start building your own international business.