Learn Filipino with Narrative Learning Center. Join our team of Filipino Language experts for an interactive and easy way to learn Filipino. Not only do we cater the language itself, but we would also give you a peak of the Philippines’ rich culture and customs!

With our carefully devised lively lessons, you’ll learn truly useful materials with our friendly and knowledgeable teachers. You have come to the right place!

Beginner? no problem! Our three month Filipino Language course will aid you in communicating confidently in Filipino. Your first month will be as easy as 1~2~3! Learn the Filipino alphabets, proper ways to syllabicate, plus the country’s rich culture and customs! Once you master your alphabets and syllables, your 2nd month will be filled with basic Filipino phrases and sentences, that would help you start communicating. Then you’re going to be ready for your third month. This will be the time to learn how to converse in Filipino and speak it with proper Filipino accent.

To sum it up, our three month course would cover the Filipino alphabet, syllabication, phrases and conversational sentences in Filipino.

Are you ready to learn Filipino? Come and join our Filipino language course at Narrative Language Center! We are all excited to meet you.